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    Who we are

    Founded in 2011, The Balance Inc. is an indie game development studio, born inside the academia, as result of a common passion for game development.

    Our Vision

    Our goal is to unite immersion and fun, combining gameplay, art and audio at its maximum level.

    our team

    Catharina Baltar

    Catharina BaltarArtist

    Currently studying Design at University of Brasilia. Works mainly with concept art, character design and illustration. She is also the responsible for designing the logos.
    Check-out her portifolio!.
    Lucas Carvalho

    Lucas CarvalhoProgrammer

    Engineering student at University of Brasilia, he is one of the guys responsible for the evil magic that brings our games to life.
    Check-out his works!
    Pedro Cataldi

    Pedro CataldiArtist/Game Designer

    Studied Design at University of Brasilia, currently works with concept art, character design, modeling and animation.
    Check-out his portifolio!
    Murilo Miranda

    Murilo MirandaArtist

    With a degree in Arts, works with illustration, concepts and textures at Balance’s team. Loves kitties and videogames!
    Check-out his portfolio!
    Luciano Santos

    Luciano SantosProgrammer

    Studied Computer Science at University of Brasilia, now works implementing the weird ideas that pop out from our designers’ crazy brains (as long as enough coffee is provided). Loves reading and bulding stuff!
    Renan Ventura

    Renan VenturaComposer/Sound Designer

    Currently studying Musical Composition at University of Brasilia and musical technology at School of Music of Brasilia, works mainly with soundtrack, sound design, audio direction and music production for games and movies.
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    our studio

    CLN 309, Bloco D, Sala 215
    Brasília, Brazil

    E-mail: contact@thebalanceinc.com

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  • Override← back

        This is our most recent project, the result of our several recent experiments: this one is for all the mecha, battlemech and giant robots lovers out there! Dust off your gears, gather all your conducting skills, suit up, assembly your crew and start co-oping!
  • Posthumous← back

    One of our ongoing projects, Posthumous is a “Beat’em Up” game revolving around the secret of the Jiang Shi!
    These entities are a type of reanimated corpses in Chinese folklore. They have stiff bodies and are dressed in official garments from the Qing Dynasty. They move around hoping, with their arms outstretched. The jiang shis are generally compared to a mix between the western zoombies and vampires. The Jiang Shis are terrible creatures that attack humans usually at night to absorb their ki (life force). In Posthumous, there are several types, each with a specific hability.

    The game features 3 main characters:
    Mister X, a renegade monk who runs across China looking for amulets to undo his curse. His real name is still a mistery.
    Yue Zuanshi (月鑽石), a girl raised at her father’s gym. She’s known for her tender beauty and strict rigidity when it comes to her father’s lessons. Yue fights to answer the mysteries from her past.
    Lao Jun (老俊), a ancient man with past glorious days. Nowadays, he dedicates his time traveling through the East tasting all the drinks that he finds in search of the legendary sacred liquor.

  • Goat’em Up!← back

    Download on the App Store Get it on Google Play

    Help an infuriated mountain goat chase the terrible singer Yodel in challenging maps around the globe in Goat’em Up, a runner-platform game for iOS and Android.

    Out first title, Goat’em Up is a game where you control a goat in levels full of obstacles. You must devour peppers to become faster and faster until you shoot Yodel as far as goatly possible, making him take off into space!

    In contrast to other runner-platform games, Goat’em Up has increasing difficulties and challenges in each level. Chase the most tuneless singer in the world throughout three ambients: Alps, Egypt and Japan, with five levels each. As you enjoy the trip, you can get lots of achievements, discover over 60 different collectibles and unlock 6 outfits to make the Yodel fly with style!

    Goat’em Up has received positive reviews at the XI Brazilian Symposium for Games and Entertainment (SBGames 2012), in Brasilia, Brazil.

  • Bacon’s Bite← back

    It’s a plataform-puzzle game in which our hero, Bacon, must overcome challenges and save the world by… eating his enemies!

  • SteamGrounds← back

    SteamGrounds is a tower defense game, taking place in a steampunk universe where humanity struggles against vicious creatures in Earth’s undergrounds. This game was an academic project, more information about the game can be found here.

Workshop de Criação 3D

Workshop de Criação 3D

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We've been greenlit!

We've been greenlit!

Exceptionally great news, everyone! We’ve been greenlit!!! Override will now certainly be available on Steam, the largest and most popular PC gaming distribution se[...]
Override on Kickstarter!

Override on Kickstarter!

Great news, everyone! Override is now on Kickstarter!!! Please, support us and be an active voice on its development! Make your pledge and get the game and lots of [...]


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Mecha update!

Mecha update!

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Mecha Project (working title)!

Mecha Project (working title)!

Get ready for our newest project, the result of our several recent experiments: this one is for all the mecha, battlemech and giant robots lovers out there! Dust of[...]
Posthumous' soundtrack

Posthumous' soundtrack

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Check out these awesome combos!

Check out these awesome combos!

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Posthumous' character concept creation process

Posthumous' character concept creation process

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An unexpected surprise

An unexpected surprise

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